Artist Statement

Art-making is a process of inquiry and discovery; a way to be more alive. My creative process is an exercise in manifestation as work begins, evolves, and decays in time and space. There may be false starts, unexpected turns, and surprise destinations, but the making is a continual journey through material, method, and form. It is both a dynamic and grounding pursuit.

Making art is also an assertion of hope, a way to cultivate grace in a troubled world. While I endeavor to create work with formal integrity, a more personal goal is to make art infused with vitality and presence—work that makes itself felt. I want to touch and move, to participate in the creative exchange that has given so much meaning and flavor to my life.

Art is a mirror that reflects and reveals our existence on this miraculous and complicated planet. As such, my work is made to be experienced. It is a chance to cultivate attention, become present, and connect with the life-force that moves through us all.


Claire Lewis Evans is an artist and writer from Atlanta, Georgia, currently residing in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. She works with a variety of media and materials, but sculpture and site-based work have become her primary creative focus in recent years.

In 2017's An Open Heart Allows Blessings to Flow, Evans filled the atrium of the Gadsden Museum of Art with dozens of whimsical mobiles. Her solo exhibits include Here We Are, Actualities, Passages, and Signs of Life, an outdoor public art project created in partnership with Black Belt Bamboost, a grass roots advocacy group. Evans' work has been featured in numerous juried, invitational, and group exhibits throughout the U.S., and has received awards from jurors including John Henry, Carol Mickett and Robert Stackhouse, and Miranda Lash.

In 2014-15, Evans was a founding co-director of The Grocery, an artist-run studio, exhibit, and experimental performance space that brought cutting edge contemporary arts, spoken word, music, and sound art programming to West Alabama during its operation. She continues to organize and participate in interdisciplinary arts events when she has the chance.

Claire Lewis Evans currently works and teaches at The University of Alabama and teaches art with the Alabama Prison Arts + Education Project based at Auburn University. She holds an MFA in studio art from the University of Alabama, as well as an MA in communication and a BFA in studio art from Georgia State University.