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A Book About Death
A Book About Death
8" x 10"

An invitation to feast
on other incarnations,
The recollection of past lives
resurrected from the void.

Fleeting moments
arc, dive, swoop,
scatter and reassemble
Sharing secrets, stories, names

What is yours?

Shadows in the mirror,
shades of all hue
The messenger is in the offing

The moment forms
The wave is breaking—

Brilliant darkness, silent roar.

In the inner chamber a clear light shines.
Dream on, and you miss it.

Piercing radiance
to take root at the core.

For more information, visit A Book About Death Seattle's project blog, documenting the 2011 exhibition at the QUETZELCOATL Gallery organized by Almandra Sandoval and Kathleen McHugh and the book documenting the initiative.